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When will my site be ready?
If your order is placed during normal business hours, it will normally take just a few hours for your site to be created, but please allow up to 48 hours for your site to be prepared. Once it is ready, we will send you a "welcome" email telling you your site is now ready for you to use. This email will contain your administrator user name and password.

If you have chosen to host your account as a subdomain under our HOASpace.com name (for example, ourcommunity.hoaspace.com), your site should be ready as soon as you receive your welcome email.

What if I want to use a domain name?
If you have registered domain name to use with your web site, you must first modify your domain to use our domain name servers (DNS). If you have not done this, please visit the registrar where you registered your domain and use their domain configuration screen to change the nameservers for your domain to our nameservers:


After 24 hours have passed from the changing of your nameservers, you must notify us by completing the Account Change Request form so we can update your account on our server to add the new domain name to your web site. To submit an Account Change Request form, please click here. The 24 hour delay is needed for the registrar to propogate your nameserver changes to the other DNS servers on the internet. Until this propogation process completes, your domain name will not resolve to your web site, even if we add your domain name to our server.

What do I need to do first?
The following information may be helpful in the initial setup of your web site:

On the Admin page, the following pages will need some configuration in order to customize the look and feel of your site:

Setup Info
You should enter the email address of the property manager if you have one. This email address is used when visitors submit an HOA problem or violation report.

If you check the box to the require administrator approval for new account registrations, then you will be notified whenver a new visitor applies for an account. You will then be required to log in as the administrator and go to the Admin page and select Members, locate and select the new user's ID from the user list and "Approve" their account by clicking the Approve button on the user profile page. Otherwise, if you do not check the box for this option, you'll still be notified of new account registrations, however, the new user will be sent a confirmation email that allows them to "activate" their own account by clicking a confirmation link in the email. This action verifies that the user entered a valid email address, otherwise they would not have received the email with the confirmation link in it. This self-approval method is less work for the administrator as long as you don't need tight control over your visitor registrations. However, please note that by not requiring administrator approval for new member registrations, anyone can register and access the information on your web site. If you wish to manually verify all new account registrations by reviewing the names and addresses to validate that they are truly residents of your community, check that option.

You can also choose one of the various visual themes using the Default Theme option on this page. The Default Theme will be the one that is used for guests and other users who are not currently logged in when they browse the site.

Community Content
Once these items have been configured, you are ready to begin updating the News, Contacts, Utilities, Documents, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages with content that the residents of your community will find helpful. The Classifieds, Pet Registry, and Discussion forums are already configured and residents can begin using them as soon as they have registered an account on the web site (and their account has been confirmed or approved).

We hope you and the residents of your community will find your HOASpace community web site helpful and enjoyable. Your HOASpace web site can enhance communication among the residents of your community and make them more productive by reducing the amount of time they need to spend finding valuable community-related information.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with your HOASpace web site, please don't hestiate to contact our support staff at support@hoaspace.com.

More Help...
Additional web site feature help is available on your web site by clicking the Help link in the lower-right corner of every page.