Can I have more than one administrator? Can I give each administrator access to different admin functions?

Print Article Yes. Any member can be given full Administrator rights by editing the member profile and checking the "Administrator" box on the Member Groups tab. It's also possible to grant partial administrative privileges so that a member can administer some applications but not others.

Granting Full Administrative Privileges
If you simply want to give other members "FULL" control over the entire site as webmasters, then you don't need to create any new member groups. Just go into Group Manager and select the "Administrator" group and then click "Members" and then "Edit Members" and check the boxes for the members you want to make into Administrators. These members will then have complete administrator access to all site features.

Granting Partial Administrative Privileges
You can also control administrative access to a subset of features by creating new member groups. A member group is simply the definition of a set of administrative privileges for each site feature. The Group Manager feature allows you to create member groups, each of which can be granted access to a distinct subset of the available administrative functions in your plan.

To have different administrators with different permissions, create a new uniquely named group in the Group Manager (on the Admin page) and assign the appropriate "Admin" rights to features within that group. All other features in that group can be set to "Normal" or "None" depending on the type of access you want those members to have to those particular features. "Normal" means that members of this group can use that feature (News, Discussions, etc.) but cannot perform administrator functions in that feature. "None" means that members of this group cannot access this feature at all. Setting a feature to "Admin" gives members of that group the ability to perform administrative functions within that feature.

To assign members to a group, go into Group Manager and locate the group you want to add members to and click the Members button to the right of it. This lists the members already in that group. Now click the Edit button above the member listing and you will be taken to a page where you can check the members you want to add to this group.

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