Welcome to HOASpace.com!

When will my site be ready?

In most cases, it will take just a few minutes for your site to be created after you submit your free trial request. Once it is ready, we will send you a "welcome" email telling you your site is now ready for you to use. This email will contain your administrator user name and password.

What if I want to use a domain name?

If you have registered domain name that you want to use with your web site, you must first modify your domain to use our domain name servers (DNS). If you have not done this, please visit the registrar where you registered your domain and use their domain configuration screen to change the nameservers for your domain to our nameservers:


After at least four hours have passed from the changing of your nameservers, you may log into your website as the administrator and go to the Admin page and click the Domain Manager icon. Enter the domain name to be parked on your site and click the Park button.

Please note: Registered domain names are not required for HOASpace websites. You can continue to use your HOASpace website under the free subdomain ([somename].hoaspace.com) as long as we are hosting your website.

What do I need to do first?

Your new website comes completely set up and ready for usage by your residents, but there are a few items you may want to customize or configure further:

  • Your administrator account has already been created using the name and password sent to you in your welcome email. However, we highly recommend that you change the password for the "admin" account as soon as possible for security reasons. To change your admin account password, log in using the administrator user name ("admin") and the password specified in the welcome email and click the Profile link in the Members menu. Here you can enter a new password in the Password and Confirm fields of the profile edit page.
  • Verify the primary email address in your profile is your currently active email address. This has been filled in for you from the email address specified on the free trial form that was initially submitted to create your website.
  • Go to the Admin page and click the Mail Manager icon to verify that your email address is configured as the "webmaster" email forwarding address. Your email address should appear near the top of the list in the "webmaster" entry. If it is not the correct email address, replace it with the correct one. Click the Save button near the bottom of the screen if you made any changes.
  • On the Admin page, the following pages may need some configuration in order to customize the appearance and operation of your site:

    Setup Info

    Setup Info is the main website configuration application. It allows you to configure many options and settings that will control how your website will work. Most fields will be filled in for you but there are some settings you may want to change.

    New Members Tab
    By default, your website requires new members to register and be approved by the administrator before they can access most of the pages on the website. When you check the box "Require administrator approval for new account registrations", you will be notified whenver a new visitor applies for an account. You will then be required to log in as the administrator and go to the Admin page and select Members, locate and select the new user's ID from the user list and "Approve" their account by clicking the Approve button on the user profile page. Otherwise, if you do not check the box for this option, you'll still be notified of new account registrations, however, the new user will be sent a confirmation email that allows them to "activate" their own account by clicking a confirmation link in the email. This action verifies that the user entered a valid email address, otherwise they would not have received the email with the confirmation link in it. This self-approval method is less work for the administrator as long as you don't need tight control over your visitor registrations. However, please note that by not requiring administrator approval for new member registrations, anyone can register and access the information on your web site. If you wish to manually verify all new account registrations by reviewing the names and addresses to validate that they are truly residents of your community, please leave this box checked.

    Visual Theme Tab
    This tab contains options to allow you to select which visual theme will be used on your site. Your website theme controls which header image is shown at the top of each page, the colors and fonts that appear on each page, and other visual enhancements. There are several pre-defined themes available to choose from. You can select a different one than the one that was selected when your free trial website was initially created. We recommend that you leave the checkbox options on this tab (below the theme selector) checked to ensure that all members of the website see the same theme and provide a more consistent experience by everyone.

    Custom Fields Tab
    This tab allows you to define up to custom text fields to be used for storing additional information about members in their profiles. To activate a custom field, enter a prompt for that field. You can also select the visibility of the field: Everyone, Admin Only, Admin/Member, or Member Read-Only. Member Read-Only fields are visible only to the administrator(s) and the owner of the profile, however, only the administrator(s) can change the contents of the field. If you would like to make the field required for input during registration or profile updates, check the "Req'd" box after the field.

    Adding, Updating, and Deleting Content*

    You are now ready to begin updating the News, Contacts, Utilities, Documents, Calendar, and other pages of your website with content that the residents of your community will find helpful. Some features like the Classifieds, Pet Registry, and Discussion forums are already configured and residents can begin using them as soon as they have registered an account on the web site (and their account has been confirmed or approved). However, you may want to review the admin settings for these applications to determine if there are any settings (such as notification email addresses) that you would like to customize further.

    Adding content to News, Documents, Contacts, and most other applications is easy and the process is essentially the same for most of them. When you go to the Admin page, click the icon of the feature you want to add content to -- Documents, for example. This takes you to the administration page for that application, which will look different than the page regular members see for that application. To add a new item (document, contact, news story, etc.), look for a "New" button near the top of the page. Clicking this button will present a form that you can fill in to add the new item. After completing the form, click the "Save" button at the bottom to add the new item. You will then be returned to the main administration page for that feature and the new item will be listed there.

    To edit an existing item, you will normally see an "Edit" button or sometimes a small icon of a paper and pencil to the right of the item. Sometimes the Edit button will simply be a rectangular button with the word "Edit" on it. Clicking the Edit buton/icon will bring up the same form you used earlier to enter a new item, except that the form will already be filled in with the information you previously entered for the selected item. Here you can make any changes and click the Save button at the bottom to update the item.

    To delete an item in most applications, you must first select to edit the item from the application's admin page (as described above), then scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the "Delete" link near the lower-right corner of the page. Clicking this link will delete the item that is currently displayed on the edit form.

    Customizing Your Website Theme*

    If you have signed up for the Extended or Mega plan, you will have access to our Theme Manager, where you configure and customize your site's visual theme. The Theme Manager allows you to customize the built-in visual themes or create new themes to be used on your web site. Visual themes include the graphic images displayed in the header at the top of each page, as well as the background of the navigation menu on the left of each page. You can also specify a large image to use as the background for the entire page (displayed "behind" your website). You can also control several of the colors displayed on the page for both text and background areas. For example, you can control the colors used to display the information tables that are used to display your content in most applications. You can control the fonts and colors of the text used in these tables as well. There are many more options available in the Theme Manager. Click the Admin Help link at the bottom of the page in Theme Manager for more detailed information about these settings.

    Customizing Your Website Menu

    The Menu Editor allows you to control which menu items appear in the main navigation menu down the left side of each page or across the top of the page, as well as which menu items are available to the public or restricted to logged-in members only. The Menu Editor consists of a list of each menu item as well as blank lines and horizontal lines that may be added to further format the display of the website's menus. Using the menu editor, you can add and delete menu items from your website or customize the menu text that is used as the link to each application. Please see the video tutorials link further down this page for a link to our video tutorial library which contains a tutorial that covers the basics of using our Menu Editor application.

    What about a User Manual?

    There are too many options and settings for each application to describe them all here on one page. Rather than create a single (huge) document with every field and every setting for every application, we have added context-sensitive popup help pages to each application. When you are in an application's administration page, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the "Admin Help" link at the lower-right corner of every page. When you click that link, a help page pops up in a new (smaller) browser window with more detailed help for using that application as well as descriptions of the various settings and options.

    While managing an application as the administrator, you may also see small circular question mark icons to the right of certain fields. If you hover your mouse over these icons, a small popup "tip" will appear with additional information about that particular field's usage.

    We also provide a searchable Support Knowledgebase that contains hundreds of articles with answers to common questions, some with links to video tutorials to walk you through the various steps to accomplish the task.

    If you have any questions or encounter any problems with your HOASpace web site, please don't hestiate to contact our support staff at support@hoaspace.com or feel free to open a support ticket in the Support HelpDesk.

    We hope you and the residents of your community will find your HOASpace community web site helpful and enjoyable. Your HOASpace web site can enhance communication among the residents of your community and make them more productive by reducing the amount of time they need to spend finding valuable community-related information.

    *Included features vary per plan.